Mommachi was born in Australia from a desire to create relevance for today's mother. Generation after generation of mothers have been told how they should behave, how they should act and how they should dress. Yesterday's World no longer applies - Mothers today are the most diverse, connected, educated and creative generation alive.

We recognise that todays mommas have interests, hobbies, and unique characteristics outside of simply having children. Of course you love your child more than anyone else in the world can comprehend. You love yourself too - and that should never change and should never be diminished.

We were frustrated that Baby companies continued to dictate how a mother should appear once they gave birth. Baby carriers invariably in dull washed out hues of grey, brown or backpack black - but on your front right !

Diaper bags in utility guise looking like a doctors instrument case from the 1960's. Basically no correlation between your fashion and style as a woman and what you were being made to wear or carry for baby support.

We have created baby solutions and accessories that You wear - and to look good on You - Livin your best life !!